I should have this as a print at Sacanime! I got a PS2 just to play this game… I used to spend hours with it paused, just drawing these three in different outfits. Rikku was my favorite, I used to have an action figure of her.

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So much has happened. And I’m sure it’s only the beginning. Through the smiles and tears, through the anger… and the laughter that follows… I know that I’ll keep changing.

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Yuna from FFX-2 by Bandit Spurs (FB)

Yuna’s one of my favorite females in video gaming; she’s spunky, driven and has enough wherewithal to get the job done!

You can follow me along on other cosplay adventures on tumblr and deviantart

Photo credit to nieriechie . If you’re a cosplayer in the Ottawa area check out her upcoming mini con, CotiCon happening on Aug 30 in Cornwall!!!

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FFX characters in X-2 (CGI edition)

Dance like nobody's watching...
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Nooj, Baralai + Gippal (FFX-2)

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the gang’s all here!