anonymous asked: Lulu or Paine?
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30 DAY FINAL FANTASY CHALLENGE — DAY 12 (Favorite “cheerful girl”)

I have always loved Rikku ever since I first played Final Fantasy X and till these days she still always is my strongest character when playing FFX. She is kinda all over the place and does not really think about the consequences of her actions and is more like “Let’s go and kick their asses already" kinda type but you know what? That’s what I and probably many others love about her. Not only that but you can see so clearly how much she loves Yunie and how she would stand by her side no matter what. Rikku is also one of those characters whose character design I just absolutely love. There so many interesting things going on with her character that you just gotta love Rikku. E muja ran!

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I love you.
It’s my life to throw away.